Mitali Mukerji

Genome variation and human disease susceptibility

Mitali Mukerji’s research is in the broad area of genome variation and it’s effect on human phenotypes and susceptibility to diseases. Her research interests include:

Application of polymorphisms in mapping mutations and disease origins in SCAs
Ayurgenomics: exploring the principles of predictive medicine in Ayurveda
Alu elements in genome organization and function

She has been actively involved in the Indian Genome Variation Consortium. She is combining genomics with phenotyping principles of Ayurveda and objective parameters of modern medicine for identifying molecular endophenotypes. Her group is studying the role of Alu elements in evolution of novel regulatory networks through functional genomics approaches.

Selected Publications:

  • Heat shock factor binding in Alu repeats expands its involvement in stress through an antisense mechanism. Pandey R, Mandal AK, Jha V, Mukerji M. 2011 Genome Biol. 12(11):R117
  • Ayurgenomics: a new way of threading molecular variability for stratified medicine.
    Sethi TP, Prasher B, Mukerji M. 2011 ACS Chem Biol. 6(9):875-80
  • Recent admixture in an Indian population of African ancestry. Narang A, Jha P, Rawat V, Mukhopadhyay A, Dash D; Indian Genome Variation Consortium, Basu A, Mukerji M.2011 Am J Hum Genet. 89(1):111-20.
  • EGLN1 involvement in high-altitude adaptation revealed through genetic analysis of extreme constitution types defined in Ayurveda. Aggarwal S, Negi S, Jha P, Singh PK, Stobdan T, Pasha MA, Ghosh S, Agrawal A; Indian Genome Variation Consortium, Prasher B, Mukerji M; 2010 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 107(44):18961-18966.
  • Whole genome expression and biochemical correlates of extreme constitutional types defined in Ayurveda. Prasher,B., Negi,S., Aggarwal,S., Mandal,A.K., Sethi,T.P., Deshmukh,S.R., Purohit,S.G., Sengupta,S., Khanna,S., Mohammad,F., Garg,G., Brahmachari,S.K., and Mukerji,M. 2008. J. Transl. Med. 6:48, 48.

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